Flexzilla® Pro Custom Hose Center

Flexzilla® Pro Custom Hose Center allows the consumer to build a custom length air or water hose for a specific application.  The custom hose center is available as a free standing or a Lozier compatible display.  It can be stocked with spooled Flexzilla Pro bulk hose in ¼ in., 3/8 in., ½ in. Air or 5/8 in. Water Hose and all the fittings to match.  “We believe the professional likes having choices available to them when buying their tools and equipment.
The Flexzilla Pro custom hose center places a lot of options in the professionals hands so that they get exactly what they want” says Matt Weems, VP, Legacy Manufacturing Company.

Flexzilla® Pro hose is made of premium hybrid polymer material that has zero memory and is kink-resistant under pressure, providing all-weather flexibility in extreme temperatures, from -40 to 140 degrees. The hose ends are reusable and the hose itself can be repaired quickly in the field by using a splicer or cutting out the damaged section and reattaching the hose end. Hose ends can also be replaced if worn or damaged.

Legacy Manufacturing Company is an international business located in Marion, Iowa that specializes in durable and innovative products including Legacy equipment for the automotive and industrial markets, Flexzilla hoses, cords and attachments, SmartFlex™ air, RV/marine and garden hoses, Lock-n-Load™ grease guns and ColorConnex®, an easy color matching system of couplers and plugs. Legacy Manufacturing is a division of Weems Industries, founded in 1986. For more information, visit legacymfg.com.

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