Lock-n-Load Threadless Barrel Grease Gun

Lock-n-Load™ technology is Legacy’s first-in-the-industry system for fast grease reloading. The Lock-n-Load threadless, quick connect barrel lets you reload grease in half the time compared to other grease guns. Just slide the Lock-n-Load switch to disengage or reconnect the barrel. Never worry about crossing threads on your barrel again, and get fast priming every time.

Common Features

  • Lock-n-Load™ threadless quick connect barrel allows you to reload grease in half the time compared to other grease guns
  • Automatic Bleeder – Bleeds air when reconnecting barrel to head. Reduces air locks and priming problems
  • Heavy-duty Die-cast Head Construction – For maximum durability and longer service life
  • 3-Way Loading – Cartridge, bulk, filler nipple
  • Lightweight Aluminum Barrel with Firm Grip Knurling – For better grip and durability
  • Ergonomic T-grip follower handle
  • Holds 14 oz. grease cartridge

Product Choices

Lock-n-Load™ Grease Guns
Part No. Power Type Delivers Up To Strokes
Per Ounce
Extensions Retail
L1045L Lever Action Variable Stroke 10,000 psi 26 12 in. Flexible Grease Hose
6 in. Angled Extension
L1075L Pistol Grip Variable Stroke 5,000 psi 32 12 in. Flexible Grease Hose
6 in. Straight Extension
Lock-n-Load™ Grease Accessories
Part No. Description Retail
L1380-B Lock-n-Load™ 12V Replacement Battery for L1380 and L1380L
L1380-C Lock-n-Load™ 12V 1-Hour Quick Charger L1380 and L1380L
L2015 Lock-n-Load™ Grease Coupler, 4-Jaw, High Pressure