AAPEX Show Las Vegas – October 30-November 1, 2018

Legacy™ Manufacturing Company will attend the AAPEX Show October 30-November 1, 2018, in Las Vegas, NV. Legacy, the maker of Flexzilla®, will gather with over 44,000+ targeted buyers and more than 130,000 professionals to learn about the future of the automotive industry. Legacy will showcase their brands: Flexzilla air hoses, air tools, air compressors, water hoses, power cords, grease guns and hoses, blow guns and modular accessories, and work & garden gloves; SmartFlex™ air, garden, and RV/Marine hoses; Lock-n-Load™ grease guns and accessories; and ColorConnex® couplers and plugs. Visit us at booth #838!



Flexzilla™ Pro Air Compressors with Silencer™:
Let’s face it, standard air compressors are LOUD. All this NOISE interferes with workplace communication, lowers productivity on the job, and increases risk of hearing loss. Fortunately, Flexzilla™ brings quiet back to the workplace.

Flexzilla™ Bendable Blow Gun Extension, 16 in. #AG1016FZ-N:
The exclusive modular accessories system (sold separately) allows the Flexzilla™ blow guns to be customized for extension length and tips needed for any job. Bendable extension that holds position. Flexible hybrid polymer cover. O-ring seal on threads.

Lock-n-Load™ Lever Action Grease Gun. #L1045L:
Lock-n-Load™ technology is Legacy’s first-in-the-industry system for fast grease reloading. The Lock-n-Load threadless, quick connect barrel lets you reload grease in half the time compared to other grease guns. Just slide the Lock-n-Load switch to disengage or reconnect the barrel. Never worry about crossing threads on your barrel again, and get fast priming every time.

Flexzilla® Pro Pistol Grip Water Hose Nozzle #NFZG02-N:
Add more power to your spraying jobs. Attaching the hose inline with the spray nozzle gives Flexzilla® Pro Water Nozzles up to 30% more water flow, pressure and power. These heavy-duty nozzles are built to last in the toughest work environments.



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